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 KDF-6L Liquid Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine



Kwang Dah has successively developed, designed and manufactured packaging machines, including automatic capsule filling machine series, automatic blister packing machine series (PVC-Alu/ Alu-Alu), automatic counting machine series, automatic liquid filling & capping machine series, automatic cartoning machine series and whole plant  equipment. These machines have been sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Kwang Dah is continuously investing in research, development and design liquid capsule filling, sealing & dry equipment according to years of experience for capsule filling machine and liquid filling machine. Now, the capsule filled with liquid formulation can be sealed by banding using sealing & dry equipment. Capsule sealing effect is achieved after the product is quickly dried. Make products in packaging, storage, transportation and application in the process, it is always sealed, which improves the safety of the product and also meets the wide market for higher requirements of Capsule Liquid filling and sealing technology.

Max. Capacity: 20,000 Capsules/Hour.




1.Capsule arranged, oriented and feed

2.Capsule loading detection

3.Ceramic cylinder

4.Filling liquid

5.Gelatin feed

6.Gelatin seal


7.Dry system

8.Finished products outlet


CAPSULE ARE APPLIED IN: #00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4


 Capacity:  20,000  Capsules/Hour.
 Power Supply:  AC 220/380V  3 Phase
 Power Consumption:  9 KW
 Compressed air :  50 L/min   6 kg/cm²
 Machine Size (L x W x H)  800 x 960 x 1800 (mm)
 Net Weight:  2,300kg


◎ The specification, appearance and dimensions shall be subject to change without

     prior notice.
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