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KDK-500 全自動封蓋機

KDK-500-Automatic Capping Machine.mp4

For Screw Type Cap
For Thread Screw Type Cap
(Aluminum Cap)

KDK-500-Automatic Capping Machine.mp4

Automatically stopping machine by detecting the shortage of bottle and caps.
Friction clutch can be adjusted to exact torque required.
Electronic speed adjustment by inverter.
Automatic caps feeding design.
Very flexible and easy to change parts for different types of cap.
Perfect cap sealing with good looking.
Easy cleaning up and low maintenance.
Easy to connect with the labeling machine or other packaging line.
All stainless construction meeting cG.M.P. requirements.
Desiccant dispenser supplied as an option.
  Screw caps,press-on caps,flip-off caps,pilfer-proof caps and Aluminum caps.

Capacity 30-~60 bottles/min
Compressed Air 3~6 kg/cm2
Power Supply
AC 220V, 60/50Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption 1 HP
Machine Weight
650 kg
Gross Weight 800 kg
Packing Size 2350 x1150 x1950mm

Machine Size:
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