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Packaging Machine Series

Overwrapping Machine Series: Packaging Machine

Overwrapping Packaging Machine

    1. Equipped with feeding hopper to save manpower and increase production.
    2. Transmitted by mechanic, easy of operation and maintenance.
    3. Wrapping films: cellophane, OPP, Coated paper.
    4. Equipped with Qicker Change-over System, easy adjustment for different product sizes.

L Sealer/Shrink Tunnel Series: Packaging Machines

L Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

    1. Sealing jaws drived by cylinder. Put the product in right position when operation. Then press the auto-switch to start the sealing jaws.
    2. This machine equipped with automatic transfer system. After sealing, the package will be sent to shrink machine automatically.
    3. Impulse type sealing and cutting, has quick speed and saving electricity. terial

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

    1. Actions of machine controlled by PLC programmable operation display, easy to operate.
    2. Integral operation is made in the sequence of vacuum forming -> vacuum (gas flush) -> sealing -> cutting.
    3. Quick changeover of molds.
    4. Installed with Germany vacuum pump

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

    1. Suitable for computer parts or engineering products plants, food processing plants, laboratories, restaurants, butchers etc.
    2. Protect against decay, moisture, dust etc.
    3. Two sides sealing, high speed production.
    4. Stainless steel surface
    5. Automatic control, high efficiency. 6. Options: Gas flush

Vacuum Forming Packaging Machine Series

Vacuum Forming Packaging Machines

    1. It can be used to mold different type of blister packing transparent covers, food container, box, ice cream cup, ceiling etc.
    2. This machine has up and down molds capable of forming PVC, PET, PP and PS cover, containers etc.
    3. Equipped with automatic plastic roll feeding device for manpower saving.
    4. Divided section heater temperature adjustment controlled by LSR switch can get the most even, stable and ideal temperature.
    5. Equipped with fan and water cooling systems.

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