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KDY-FBC Fluid-bed Spray Granulator / Coater



  Top spray type:
      Drying wet granule or powder; granulation and drying of spraying binder on tiny powder.
  Bottom spray type:
      Spray suspension on pellet or film / enteric coating.
  Side spray type:
      Pellet powder coating; suspension coating or film / enteric coating.



Top spray type:

  Heated and purified air flows into the column by suction fan, the pellet or powder will be in uniform fluid condition inside the column, use one set of filter bag to prevent leak of powder, discharge the evaporated water to get drying purpose.

  If add one more spray gun can spray the binder or active ingredient downward into the uniform fluid powder, whenever the powder combined in granule,     

will be dried to get the required moisture content.


Bottom spray type:

 When the hot air flows through the bottom screen of coating column, it will generate siphonal principle.

  Convection is created through the strong force the granule will be sucked into the coating column and floating from bottom toward top, then fall down again, the bottom spray gun will spray upward into the uniform fluid granule to get coating and drying purpose.



Side spray type:       Place the sugar cores on the turntable. Hot air is blown upward between turntable and granulation area. The air causes the cores to roll, the binder solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun, coating and drying simultaneously.

If powder coating is required, the fixed volume powder will be sprayed at the same time let solution coating the powderon the cores to produce pellet and get coating and

                                 drying purpose.



  Top spray type:

Pharmaceutical: granulating and drying of Chinese or Western medicine, Bio-tech products.

  Instant food: granulating and drying for instant powder of health food; juice extract powder; meat extract powder; seasoning; lactic acid bacteria.
  Chemical: drying of dye and synthesis raw material.

Bottom & Side spray type:


Produce pellet of medicine and health food.



Model Full Trollery Volume(cm) Working Batch (kg) Machine Size
(W x L x H) cm
KDY-FBC-2 7 1 - 2 250 x 250 x 220
KDY-FBC-5 26 3 - 8 250 x 300 x 260
KDY-FBC-60 180 20 - 60 400 x 400 x 350
KDY-FBC-120 400 50 - 120 400 x 400 x 400
KDY-FBC-200 650 60 - 200 450 x 500 x 500
KDY-FBC-400 1300 100 - 400 500 x 500 x 600
KDY-FBC-600 2000 200 - 600 600 x 600 x 700

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