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KDF-6S Capsule Sealing Machine



Capsule sealing machine is an extensible equipment after Capsule filling machine.
This is the best solution for hard capsules to replace the soft-gelatin capsules
procedures for following benefits:
A: To replace the entire soft-gelatin capsule manufacturing equipment to make
the producers easier.
B: Reduce the cost of purchasing machines.
C: Simplify the process to reduce space.
D: Reduce the labor costs.
E: Reduce the manpower and skill requirements
F: Aids product differentiation.

Capsule sealing machine could seal the joint between the cap and body of hard
capsules after it being filled with the products (powder, liquid…) by a capsule
filling machine. The capsules being sealed can contributing to product stability
and providing tamper evidence, and also prevents capsules being opened or
leakage of liquid, powder or odor.


The housing and surface are covered with stainless steel.
Equips PLC+HMI control system and servo motor.
Photocell detection system for the capsule hopper: Will pause the machine and alarm when the capsules are out of storage.
Double sealing technology: Keep the effectiveness of sealing and avoid the bubbles of gelatin liquid, the sealing position will be more aesthetics.
Adjustable sealing structure: Micro adjustment by servo control for best sealing effective.
Equips the heating preservation for the gelatin liquid hopper to keep the viscosity and fluidity of gelatin.
High efficiency of drying system: Increase the length of chain transportation and install the cycling drying device in the drying room to improve the drying efficiency result of capsules been sealed.
Air blast device: To ensure the finished products could leave molds and be dropped to outlet after drying.
Easy to remove the sealing device and the capsule molds, reduce the time size changing and cleaning.

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